Tuesday, July 2, 2013


i love all the patriotic spirit we see around Denver, so many American flags and red, white and blue flowers.

the old airport tower. will be interesting to see what Stapleton decides to do with it.

Central Park in Stapleton. best. playground. ever.

gorgeous red tailed hawk giving us an eyeful. my pictures don't do justice to how neat the experience was.

our sunday was lovely, spent almost entirely outside. we wandered over to the farmer's market and picked up some very ripe very discounted tomatoes, because that's how i role and i like a good bargain. we also grabbed a beautiful cabbage, really night and day compared with those you see in the grocery store, some incredibly fragrant dill, fingerling and red potatoes, beautiful young red onions with their greens, and some poblano peppers. i may or may not have eaten an enormous almond croissant. 

after we let hudson run around a bit we walked to Central Park. not THE central park, but the one in stapleton. i can not believe that it's taken us over three months to discover this gem. it is a-mazing. it's walled in so there isn't fear of the little ones running into a busy street. there are free fountains for kids to run through, a nice alternative to the pools. there are rock climbing walls, some that were quite high and looked rather challenging. of course there are swings, slides, monkey bars and the usual suspects. i guess what made it stand out was how expansive and creatively laid out it is. you can see in a couple of the pictures above, they have purple mountains and a blue "stream" running through the park for kids to explore. the hills were pretty steep for hudson, but he still enjoyed it. his favorite part without a doubt though was the slide. i will leave the details of this slide for another post since it was such a big focus of our morning. we will certainly be visiting Central Park again. 

the rest of the day was spent eating, napping and time at the pool. a perfect sunday in my book. made more perfect by some homemade pizza, created with the red potatoes, and young red onions that we'd picked up earlier in the day. there is something very rewarding about making dishes with items from the farmer's market. even more so with items you've grown yourself. i can't wait for our three tomato plants, two squash plants and three pepper plants to really start producing. we planted late so things are a bit delayed. but, we've got some promising looking fruit and veg on the vine. as for the pizza, i could have baked it a tad longer, but the boys seemed pretty happy with it. hudson ate an entire big piece. that boy has an appetite! all in all, it was the perfect end to a wonderful day.

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