Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i am in love with this spoken word by Hollie McNish. i thankfully have never had any negative feedback from nursing in public, but i have heard horror stories of moms (and subsequently babies) getting kicked off planes, asked to leave retail stores and generally being shamed for doing something that couldn't be more natural. the entire animal kingdom does it for crying out loud. there are so many wonderful efforts being made to encourage breastfeeding from the get-go in the hospital. i hope the awareness of its benefits spread and that the trend toward more breastfeeding in this country continues. i hope that if more moms do it and more people talk about it, it will become so commonplace that nobody will bat an eye when your baby gets hungry and you're on a bus or in a store or on a plane and you whip out a boob. i'm glad there are nursing covers out there for moms who feel more comfortable with them, but i hope they are using them for their own sake and not to make those around them feel more at ease. i never use anything, which works for me and feels like less of a production. less like something that is drawing attention to me and my son. feeding our babies and toddlers with what our body can provide is an incredible gift and i look forward to a time when its not something any mom has to feel embarrassed about.

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