Wednesday, July 17, 2013


hudson has become rather obsessed with slides. swings, he could take 'em or leave 'em. but slides, those are the ticket to complete happiness. we managed to each take a turn with him on the inflatable slide prior to the meltdown that resulted from having to wait in line. the patience required for such a task is not in an 18-month-old's makeup. this is documented below. 

but, problem solved. he found another slide, if you could call it that. with no line. this entertained him for a solid 30+ minutes while we sipped our pinot noir and stuffed ourselves with cured meats, cheese and bread. oh, and how could i forget the little tub of black truffle butter, spread onto all of the above. hudson favored the apples and pears, which i think were really just there for good measure anyway.

the rain arrived just as hudson was starting to tire out, our cue to head home. the point of the outing was to watch The Sandlot on the big inflatable screen and we didn't even make it to the opening credits. but it still felt like a success. as hudson gets older we'll be able to participate in more of these great events. for now, we're just getting our feet wet, and possibly a little muddy.

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