Monday, July 22, 2013


jeremy and i haven't encouraged hudson to color as much as we probably should have. and it's because all he wants to do is eat the crayons. we've mostly had this experience in restaurants where they provide the crayons and something to color on. as though eating out with a toddler isn't hard enough. now we add the drama of taking crayons away from this toddler because he doesn't want to use them properly. you can imagine how that usually plays out.

so, the other day i picked up some of the big fat crayons from Target. i thought their ample size would make them seem less edible. as you can see from the video above, i was wrong. the tips are the perfect bite sized snack. but even with the little nibbles here and there, this was a victory since there was some actual coloring that went on. the proof is now up on our refrigerator, hanging proudly. 

i thought this is where our crayon adventures ended for the weekend, until i came into hudson's room yesterday morning to find this.

i thought our house was fairly hudson proofed, but i failed to consider the bath crayons sitting on the edge of the tub. he doesn't even seem that interested in them when he's in the tub, let alone seeking them out for a renegade pouf coloring mission. rookie mistake on my part. one i don't plan to repeat. thankfully these marks came off with little more than a damp towel and some elbow grease. hopefully in the future we can keep the crayons off furniture and out of little curious mouths.

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