Friday, May 31, 2013


i remember being in the hospital after hudson was born and feeling frustrated that breastfeeding didn't come as naturally as i thought it would. i had read all the books and felt prepared. but it was hard. really hard. all the nurses had different different opinions on what worked best. after numerous trips to the lactation center during those first few weeks, i realized i should have listened to the fiery nurse who helped deliver hudson from the get go. she explained that you had to be aggressive, really smush 'em on there. "whomp" was the word she used to describe it. needless to say we found our stride. 

and 16 months later hudson is still nursing or num nums as we call it.  i had planned to stop at a year. it seemed to me like the right time to wean a baby. and there were a few days before his first birthday when he seemed to lose interest in it. that was probably my window. but i wasn't ready so we kept on. hudson has grown from a newborn to a toddler and our nursing relationship has certainly changed over the past many months. but one thing has remained the same. the feeling that time is standing still in those quiet moments. hudson is a very affectionate little boy, but he doesn't stay still for long these days. these are the few times a day when i get to take him in my arms and cuddle him uninterrupted. sometimes he is very focused on the task at hand and doesn't want to be bothered. other times he's silly and playful and we tickle and giggle. it's our special time together and i'm finding that i don't want to give it up just yet. i keep meaning to wean him. i read about ways to wean a toddler, from going cold turkey to using lemon juice to slowly taking a feeding away each week. but then i find that i'm just not ready.

there have been numerous occasions since hudson turned one when i've been so thankful that he is still nursing. when he was rushed to the ER because his blood oxygen levels were so low and we were there for hours getting tests and x-rays done. when we've flown and nursing has helped to relieve the pressure in  his ears. when he's teething and nothing else seems to calm him. now i'm telling myself that i'll wean him when he's 18 months, which gives us about six weeks. but time will tell. for now i'm enjoying this fleeting time. he is so quickly growing into an amazing little boy. and i think nursing has played some small part in that. i am thankful that we have been able to do it for this long, and will continue, at least for a little while longer.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


last night was just another tuesday evening. except for the fact that hudson and i had the most fun ever! sometimes the best moments can be so unexpected, and that's what makes them even better. jeremy was stuck in a surgery for work until late so my little buddy and i had some mac n cheese and corn for dinner and then went out adventuring. we explored the playground across the street from our house. i almost twisted a knee on this new circular moveable contraption that seems to be common in playgounds for older kids these days. it requires balance and core strength apparently, which i thought i had until i casually hopped on it and promptly went flying back off. it was thankfully only a close call, no permanent damage. after continuing around the neighborhood for a bit longer we headed home for some banana bread and milk and a little So You Think You Can Dance, which he thankfully didn't seem too opposed to. the rest of the evening consisted of lots of tickling and giggling, play with the volleyball and mini lacrosse stick and even some dancing. this kid loves sports already and has quite the arm on him. 

so while we didn't do anything too special or spectacular, it was a magical evening that i'll treasure. it's so fun to watch hudson learn to communicate with words and signs, to explore the world around him and figure out that he can throw a ball, climb on things, spin in circles. exploring the world through your child's eyes really is as good as everyone says. bearing witness to them becoming their own little people makes it all worthwhile.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


the stapleton pools opened this weekend, including the puddle jumper located directly across the street from our new house. this pool is so fantastic that we could swear we were on vacation all weekend. it will be our own little stay-cation, all summer long. hudson enjoyed the pool and fountains, but man, they had nothing on this water table. apparently kid's love to pour things from one container to another. 

we mostly stayed home and enjoyed our pool, but did make it out for family haircuts at Floyd's and our favorite tacos at Pinche. it was perfect patio weather. Jeremy had a lengua and a carnitas and i opted for chipotle pollo a la crema and a classic fish with their pickled red onion that i love. hudson had a breakfast taco with scrambled egg. that boy loves his eggs. it was a perfect family lunch. 

hudson and i scooted off to the green belt playground on sunday morning where we roasted a bit in the early morning sun. we met a little 7-year-old girl named aria who was concerned that hudson was too hot in his outfit and that his head looked sunburned (he was wearing sunscreen). a natural born mother i'd say. hudson loves to explore and is already so hard to keep up with. but i really appreciate his curiosity. 

jeremy's cousin and his family joined us at the pool over the weekend. hudson loves hanging out with his cousins and i love watching them bond and grow together. we grilled some burgers and sausage and enjoyed the afternoon sun on our porch. it was a wonderful memorial weekend with family and friends. 

i'd also like to mention that my dad, a vietnam vet, is certainly in my thoughts today. i know it's a day of remembrance for him, thinking of his friends, who didn't come home from that war. i can't imagine what that's like. but i can appreciate how brave he and all other service people are. i thank you.

Friday, May 24, 2013


six weeks ago i decided that i would run jog the denver rock n roll marathon on 10-20-13. running has never been my favorite form of exercise. i'd rather practice yoga or chase hudson around. but chasing a toddler around wasn't quite enough. i needed something big to work toward and i'd already completed a 1/2 marathon many years ago. so here we are, 149 days standing between me and 26.2 miles. i'm following a 26 week program that i found on marathonrookie. i'm currently walk-jogging four days a week. but starting on monday it will be all jogging, hooray. progress. i already feel more focused, centered and calm. maybe i like this running thing more than i thought. time will tell. 149 days to be exact.


after enduring nearly a decade of foggy San Francisco summers, i have arrived in a land with seasons. thank you Colorado. i can barely contain my excitement about these 80 degree days. popsicles. bare feet. swimming pools. grilled meats. happy memorial weekend!