Wednesday, May 29, 2013


last night was just another tuesday evening. except for the fact that hudson and i had the most fun ever! sometimes the best moments can be so unexpected, and that's what makes them even better. jeremy was stuck in a surgery for work until late so my little buddy and i had some mac n cheese and corn for dinner and then went out adventuring. we explored the playground across the street from our house. i almost twisted a knee on this new circular moveable contraption that seems to be common in playgounds for older kids these days. it requires balance and core strength apparently, which i thought i had until i casually hopped on it and promptly went flying back off. it was thankfully only a close call, no permanent damage. after continuing around the neighborhood for a bit longer we headed home for some banana bread and milk and a little So You Think You Can Dance, which he thankfully didn't seem too opposed to. the rest of the evening consisted of lots of tickling and giggling, play with the volleyball and mini lacrosse stick and even some dancing. this kid loves sports already and has quite the arm on him. 

so while we didn't do anything too special or spectacular, it was a magical evening that i'll treasure. it's so fun to watch hudson learn to communicate with words and signs, to explore the world around him and figure out that he can throw a ball, climb on things, spin in circles. exploring the world through your child's eyes really is as good as everyone says. bearing witness to them becoming their own little people makes it all worthwhile.

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