Tuesday, May 28, 2013


the stapleton pools opened this weekend, including the puddle jumper located directly across the street from our new house. this pool is so fantastic that we could swear we were on vacation all weekend. it will be our own little stay-cation, all summer long. hudson enjoyed the pool and fountains, but man, they had nothing on this water table. apparently kid's love to pour things from one container to another. 

we mostly stayed home and enjoyed our pool, but did make it out for family haircuts at Floyd's and our favorite tacos at Pinche. it was perfect patio weather. Jeremy had a lengua and a carnitas and i opted for chipotle pollo a la crema and a classic fish with their pickled red onion that i love. hudson had a breakfast taco with scrambled egg. that boy loves his eggs. it was a perfect family lunch. 

hudson and i scooted off to the green belt playground on sunday morning where we roasted a bit in the early morning sun. we met a little 7-year-old girl named aria who was concerned that hudson was too hot in his outfit and that his head looked sunburned (he was wearing sunscreen). a natural born mother i'd say. hudson loves to explore and is already so hard to keep up with. but i really appreciate his curiosity. 

jeremy's cousin and his family joined us at the pool over the weekend. hudson loves hanging out with his cousins and i love watching them bond and grow together. we grilled some burgers and sausage and enjoyed the afternoon sun on our porch. it was a wonderful memorial weekend with family and friends. 

i'd also like to mention that my dad, a vietnam vet, is certainly in my thoughts today. i know it's a day of remembrance for him, thinking of his friends, who didn't come home from that war. i can't imagine what that's like. but i can appreciate how brave he and all other service people are. i thank you.

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