Monday, June 24, 2013


today begins the 11th week of my marathon training. it's also the first week of measuring my daily runs in distance rather than time. there is something about that that feels more rewarding to me. it feels more concrete in some way. like at the end of this week i will have racked up 15 miles, and next week 16 and so on. i feel optimistic that this slow build will keep me motivated and injury free. i woke up this morning with a strange soreness in my right knee, but thankfully it felt strong during my three mile lunchtime run. this 26 week training schedule that i'm on, which began with many weeks of a jog/walk mix, really allows the body to get in shape without forcing things too quickly. i find each week to be challenging but not impossible. this to me is the perfect balance when you're working toward a specific fitness goal.  i'm looking forward to 16 weeks of physical and mental growth that i know will be required if i'm going to run 26.2 miles, in a row.

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