Thursday, June 6, 2013


last night we paid a visit to the library for their weekly pj storytime. we got there a bit early since i had some books on hold that needed to be checked out. jer took hudson to explore and play with all the unfamiliar toys in the kid's section.

near showtime we headed into the story time room and got hudson his name tag. there were young kids of all ages with their parents. some on blankets, some on laps, some in chairs. all sitting nicely awaiting their stories. except hudson that is. he is a runner. he just WON'T SIT STILL. we tried to corral him on our laps as the storyteller began with a song on the guitar. everyone was encouraged to join in with some clapping and stomping. we thought that might get hudson's attention, but nope. next we all sang the alphabet song, stopping on the letter "S", which was meant to be our letter of the evening. our storyteller brought out a mystery box containing items beginning with our chosen letter. he would give hints and we would guess the item. we got as far as a strawberry, which was in fact the first object, before it became clear that hudson had no intention of sitting still. so we found ourselves in the parking lot, loading into the car.

while it wasn't the most successful outing, we figure it's just a jumping off point. we'll return every wednesday in hopes that he'll get more familiar with the people and the process. and begin to understand that it can be fun to sing, to clap, to stomp and most importantly, to listen.

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