Monday, June 3, 2013


yesterday evening we headed out in perfect 80 degree weather to cheesman park to have family photos taken by the talented Haley Carnefix. it was a father's day mini shoot, meant to raise funds for a little girl who just recently lost her own dad. while having my picture taken isn't my idea of a good time, i did enjoy the process of putting together coordinating outfits for the family. and the picture taking part turned out to be pretty fun too since i got to do it with my wonderfully silly family. i loved watching jeremy make hudson laugh for the camera. getting tummy raspberries, being dangled upside down by his legs and play with sticks seemed to work best. hudson was good for about 20 minutes when suddenly things took a dark turn and he went into wet noodle meltdown mode. but haley assured us that she'd gotten some good shots and we're so excited to see them! i'll share a few here once she sends our images.

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