Thursday, June 20, 2013


saturday morning was one of those mornings where you leap out of bed and are so ready for the day ahead. it was not in fact one of those morning for J. anyway, after getting mad at J for wanting to start the day slowly on the couch, i popped H  into his car seat and we were off for a coffee, Target, sandbox run. i should know better than to try and leisurely peruse the aisles at Target with a toddler who is working on perfecting his high pitched scream. the bribes of two squeezy fruit & veggie pouches and some cheesy puffs only worked for so long. but i have to say that the screams refocused me on getting the "needs" versus the "wants". we're working on this as a family. when shopping we ask ourselves, "need" or "want"? it works...sometimes. 

post Target, H got some much deserved sandbox time. then we swooped J up and headed to the pool before lunch and nap time. H loves the fountains in the pool and the water table. he would stay there all day if i'd let him.
after a gloriously long nap (H's not mine), we went to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream. for J and i, that is. H is the strangest child. he doesn't like ice cream. or sweets for that matter, beyond fruit. i'll gladly keep that going as long as possible, but it's still weird. we ate by the nearby fountains, but H kept running off per usual so we headed home.

sunday began with  J sleeping in until nearly 10 o'clock! this is quite the feat for a dad who has a little rooster of a toddler, up with the sun. H and i ate crepes for breakfast with butter and powdered sugar, mmmmm. i have to say that i think every weekend should include a homemade pastry or baked good of some variety. i eat really well all week and believe that weekends are for indulging. once J was up we headed over to the first farmers market of the season on the green in Stapleton. there didn't seem to be that many booths of actual produce, i'm guessing since it's so early in the season. but we did sample some delicious kombucha and let H run around on the grass with the other littles.

we made sure to get some face to face time with our own dads, thanks to FaceTime. it's not the same as being together, but definitely helps shrink the many miles between us. i don't know what it was, but this father's day felt so different from the last. i don't know if it's because H is such a little boy now and adores his dad so much. or because we are living somewhere new and all depending on each other so much. or because i feel like J and i are in a good place with each other after some challenging times. or because i see J and H's bond growing stronger every day. whatever it is, i cherish my boys so much and loved spending this weekend recognizing how far J has come as a father and how excited i am to embrace this life with my beautiful family.

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