Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I meant to post this on the 19th of August, not sure what happened. But decided since it was written (and includes adorable pictures of Hudson) I would toss it up on the blog. I'm been much too quiet on here since I jetted to San Francisco with little notice, became an aunt and had a wonderful Labor day weekend with my hubby. Hopefully I can get caught up and document all this goodness in the coming days. Plus I am way overdue for my BuildASign banner review. Stay tuned, but for now here is a recap from THREE weekends ago! 

I'm really going to miss summertime. We went to the pool four separate times this weekend. Jeremy and I were just talking yesterday about how appreciative we are of having a wonderful kid-friendly pool right across the street from our house. I think that pool alone might keep us in Stapleton for the long haul. No planning or schlepping necessary, just toss the toddler and some towels in the stroller and off we go. 

And having swim lessons at this pool makes it even better, if that is even possible. Hudson has his final lesson on Saturday morning. In the five weeks since his lessons began, he has become so much more comfortable in the water. He was going through a strange phase of bathtub terror. With a little patience and much time in the pool, it's thankfully a distant memory. He has gained so much independence and confidence, walking around the shallow end with his little floatie and sunglasses. I think he would spend all day every day at the pool if we let him. 

But we don't. So, the other 30 some odd hours were spent crafting,multi-grain blueberry pancake making, thrifting (which I'm saving for a separate post since it was that good), and packing for San Francisco since my flight is booked for Friday but nobody knows except for the baby when he'll make his appearance. I woke up today feeling thankful for such a good life. 

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