Monday, September 9, 2013


Since Hudson was born, I have been feeling a bit more sentimental and invested in cultivating family traditions. I wasn't close with my grandparents growing up and I wouldn't say that our family was rich with traditions that had been passed down through the generations. But there are a few that stand out. And waking up every year on my birthday to a dining room decked out with streamers, balloons, cards, gifts and a birthday sign is one of them. My mom did it all through my childhood and my sister and I  kept it going as adults after moving out of the house. I do it for Jeremy, although come to think of it, he doesn't do it for me, (hello husband, please make a note to self!) and I will now begin to do it for Hudson. It always felt like the perfect place in the house to focus birthday celebrations since it's where we start the day with cards and gifts and end the day with cake, candles and wishes. 

This coming January Hudson will turn two. I feel like this is the first year that he will understand (to some degree) the pleasure of celebrating the day he was born; the attention, the presents, the cake, the hats, the realization that this day is important and different than the others. And I want to start his big day off the way my mom and dad always did for me. But I'll probably add in some crafty homemade elements because I like that sort of thing. And thanks to BuildaSign I will also be incorporating a "Happy Birthday Hudson" sign that will be making a yearly appearance for as long as he is living under my roof. I am excited to add a new and personalized element to this long standing Gibbons and now Hulse family tradition. And I feel like this sign will last 18+ years. It's great quality and while we didn't opt for the grommets, we can certainly add our own at some point with an inexpensive grommet tool. For now I used furniture tacks to hang the sign (just to check it out since it isn't yet January) and I think they add a nice little blingy pop. 

What are your favorite family traditions? 

Disclaimer:BuildaSign did provide me with a 3'x6' vinyl banner, but the opinions I've expressed here are mine.
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