Thursday, September 19, 2013


I loved reading Sydney's lovely list and was inspired to make my own. 

Making: more time for crafting, music, and creative play with hudson
Cooking: not nearly as often as i'd like, but my plans for the fall include some hot boozy drinks, various cinnamon rolls and sweet buns, root vegetables, leafy greens and some slow cooked meats
Drinking: too much coca cola! i need to stop this, but so hard when there is a soda fountain at work
Reading: Sunset and Real Simple magazines, and too many blogs
Wanting: to carve pumpkins and decorate the house for fall
Looking: ahead and planning for the rest of 2013 including the holidays (halloween being my favorite), a wedding, a trip to see my little Indy, lots of good stuff to come!
Playing: lots of new used records
Wasting: too much time in front of the TV, need to change that habit. the record player is helping
Sewing: not, but hoping to get going on some stitched christmas gifts
Wishing: the Coloradans in flooded areas a speedy and safe recovery
Enjoying: a visit from my mom and stepdad
Waiting: for my hair to grow
Liking: these wonderful little videos 
Wondering: how all these moms have time for the creativity i keep seeing all over Pinterest
Loving: all the new plants and succulents i've recently filled my house with.
Hoping: to see the aspens changing during our drive up mount evans
Marveling: at all the new things hudson is learning, like how to jump
Needing: to finish my craft area organization
Smelling: apple cinnamon tea, hello autumn!
Wearing: boots for the first time in many months
Following: too many blogs to keep up with
Noticing: that my tan is fading
Knowing: that life is moving in the direction that it is meant to
Thinking: about having a little brother or sister for hudson, hopefully sooner rather than later 
Feeling: excited for upcoming trips to san francisco and oklahoma
Bookmarking: christmas gift ideas
Opening: the blinds every morning so all my new plants can get some sunshine
Giggling: at this new fake laugh hudson has developed, which he thinks is hilarious and has me in stitches
Feeling: overwhelmed at times, but happy and loved

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