Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have such fond memories of the California Mid-State Fair. I was in 4-H as a kid and raised a lamb one year to show at the fair. In all the months leading up to the fair, my lamb and I were a disaster. She wouldn't listen or behave. I vacillated between states of disinterest and frustration. It was pathetic. Then something magical happened when we got to the fair. Donning my all white outfit, punctuated by the 4-H signature green scarf and hat, my lamb Daisy and I entered the showing area and were like completely different lamb and girl. She was perfect, we were perfect. We placed 1st in our division which allowed us to compete in the next division where we placed 2nd. We made it all the way to the Senior division! And then I sold her to someone who planned to eat her. After that I didn't eat lamb for a solid two decades. And even now when I do, it's hard not to think of our weird little moment of glory. 

I'll tell Hudson this story when he's old enough to understand the whole animal is meat concept. Until then, I thought he'd enjoy a little petting zoo time. He was definitely a bit overwhelmed by the close proximity to all the animals, preferring to observe from the safe haven of Jeremy's and my clutches. Or maybe he was just somewhat distracted by his new love, TRACTORS. We stopped into a horse vaulting event (it's like gymnastics on horseback and you can YouTube it if you're curious) and there was a tractor clearing the ring. I don't even recall saying the word, but from that moment on it was all Hudson could talk about. He even woke up briefly on the way home muttering "tractor" again and again before falling back to sleep. I've never seen him so obsessed with anything before. We picked up a little John Deere Lego version on the way home and he won't let it leave his side. Maybe he'll end up a farmer like his great grandpa, Daddy Jim. In order to test this new found tractor dedication, we need to step up our game and take Hudson to the Colorado STATE Fair. The County Fair was entirely indoors so it would be nice to let him experience all the usual suspects: warm summer air, carnival rides, free concerts, the rodeo and of course plenty of tractors.  

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